9 Practical Tips On How To Winterize Your RV

According to Escapees Magazine, an RV is not designed for the winter chills. It has been designed to trek the wilderness in the summer and to be stored away in the winter.

Winterize RV

Although, winter brings many challenges to full time RVers, they  also result in brilliant solutions on ways to Winterize an RV too!

Here are our best 9 practical applications on how to Winterize your RV this year:

  1. Identify and winterize for a non-freezing temperature or your RV water system will be malfunctioned!
  2. Carry bottled gallon full water when RVing in Winter
  3. Select a campground where sun is not blocked throughout the day
  4. Locate your last resort of water- Fresh Water Tank beforehand, in case you are locked in owing to the snow.
  5. Use a generator if you cannot find a hook up for boondocking.
  6. Make sure your water hoses do not contain any water in it.
  7. Avoid opening and closing of the entry door of your RV too many times.
  8. Put up thick curtains and insulate your windows for heating up your RV better
  9. Insulate your health against winter!

According to Mark Polk, an essential to winter RVing is installing a carbon monoxide detector.

Check out this special clip on how to Winterize an RV for the cold weather below:

How do you RV in the winter? Tell us in the comments below.


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