Tips For RV Parking When Visiting Family And Friends

When you are an RVer visiting family or friends who live in a typical residential area, you cannot expect to park your giant Fifth Wheel on their tiny driveways!

According to Lee and Trace,

“We talked about parking in my sisters driveway and staying in her house but they have rules in her community about that…in the end we stayed at a local state park and I am really glad we did. Love my sister, but having my own place allowed us to decide when to visit and when not to and gave us some separation. If it’s a long visit highly recommend just getting a camping spot”.

Firstly, RVers who love their RVs mostly avoid parking it unguarded. Secondly, having an enormous RV in the driveway might be a legal issue for the residents around your RV Parking area. In fact, in large cities, parking a heavy vehicle like an RV is subject to a legal fine if the vehicle arrived for reasons other than loading and unloading.
RV Parking

When you are planning to visit your family and friends, make sure you do the following for safe RV Parking:

  • Discuss with your relative or friends if parking your RV is possible on his or her property.
  • If the above is not possible, check if one of your relative’s neighbors in the vicinity can provide you RV parking space.
  • You should have a Plan B if anything goes awry.
  • Plan B can be RV Parks or State Parks in the vicinity where safe free camping practices are observed.
  • Often RVers also find free campgrounds in small-scale grocery shops for a negligible fee.

RV Parking

Nevertheless, if your visit is longer than a week and you have planned to visit other friends/ relatives in the same town, it is better to reserve a private camping spot than camp on your relative’s driveway. This is also an added benefit for the safety and dumping necessities of your RV too!

How do you tackle this problem when visiting family and friends? Tell us in the comments below. 😀

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