Tips For RVing With Dogs

One of the biggest benefits of RVing, is that you can easily take your four-legged friends with you. However there are some things to keep in mind when you do. So take a look at some of these tips for RVing with your dogs.

RVTravel talks with an RVer about “basic campground rules” when RVing with their dogs.

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The crew over at Love Your RV travel with their 2 beagles and have a few tips for us:

  • Use plastic bins to store the dogs food in.
  • Feed the dog at the same time everyday so you know when the bowel movements will happen.
  • Put copies of your veterinary  information, like X-rays, papers, history etc., on a CD and USB Key. That way it is easy to store and give to a Vet while traveling if need be
  • Have your dogs ID chipped  and contact details on the collar if they are lost while traveling.
  • Keep a good first aid kit handy with pet associated meds and bandages, you may not be close to an Animal Hospital all the time.
  • Make sure you take along enough prescription medicine for your whole trip, our dogs are on prescription flea control medication.
  • If you can kennel train your dog it helps when vet visit is required. That way you can take the kennel and they will have some familiar surroundings  if a vet stay is needed.


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Here is Julee Meltzer’s Travel Tips on RVing with Pets

“How Pets See RVing.

From what we’ve observed, our dogs absolutely love the camping and RVing lifestyle. Compared to living in a fenced-in yard, they have a life filled with exciting new places, interesting smells, new people, other dogs, and an endless assortment of fascinating wildlife. Our cats seem to really enjoy RVing as well. Instead of nearly freezing to death in the North every winter, they get to enjoy warm sunny days all year long as a result of heading south every autumn.

We’ve concluded that most pets, if given the choice, would rather be close to their family at all times. Fortunately, in an RV, you’re never far away.

Rules Are Good But Flexibility Is Better.

With so many creatures in such a small space, you might think that strict rules would be the key to survival. Ironically, flexibility is a better model. For example, when we first started living in the RV, we had a rule that read: “No dogs on the sofa”. However, after stumbling over the dogs on the floor for six months, we covered the sofa with a sheet and abandoned our rule. Today, our dogs are more comfortable and we have a lot more floor space. When we want to use the sofa, they move on to the floor and we simply remove the sheet. It isn’t elegant, but it works. Of course, our sofa which is 3 years old does now look like it is 20 years old, but we don’t mind because we love our doggies.

We have learned that the secret to living in close quarters with other creatures isn’t about rules. Instead, it’s about tolerance, patience, and endless flexibility.”

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Have cats that want to go RVing? Read this:

These are some great tips for RVing with dogs. The number one tip we think is to make sure your dog is safe at all times!

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