Tips for Smooth Operation of Your Slide Out

When buying an RV in today’s market, nearly every model you consider will have at least one slide out. A slide out is simple a portion of the RV that ‘slides out’ to expand the living space inside the vehicle. The advantage is obvious – once you set up camp, you will be able to live inside of an RV that is far wider than anything you would be allowed to take on the road. For those travelling with large families – or those staying for long periods of time – having one or two slide outs can make RV living far more comfortable.

Of course, you will need to know how to properly move the slide out back and forth when you are setting up or leaving camp. Thankfully, most RV slide outs today are operated with just the push of a button. As long as you know how to flip a switch, you know how to move your slide out back and forth as necessary. With that said, even the best technology fails from time to time, so you need to know how to get yourself out of a jam if your slide outs just won’t budge.

RV Slide Outs Can Make for Spacious Living Quarters
RV Slide Outs Can Make for Spacious Living Quarters

Need the Battery

One of the leading causes of slide out problems actually has nothing to do with the slide out, but rather the batteries of your RV. If you are low on juice (or completely out), you won’t be able to use the automatic slide out controls. Work on recharging your batteries and then try again. Also, you will want to check to make sure you don’t have a tripped circuit breaker that is preventing you from moving the slide out.

Watch for Alignment

As you go about your regular use of your RV, keep a close eye on how the slide out operates. Is it tracking nicely in and out of the RV, or is it shifting from side to side? If you notice lateral movement when you are operating the slide out, you will want to take your RV in to a professional for an inspection. If you allow this problem to persist long enough, you may be left with a slide out that won’t slide.

Watch for Creep

Is your slide out gradually moving back in closer to the RV as time goes by? You may have a bad solenoid valve, or the RV may be leaking oil. If you find that there is a problem in one of these areas (oil or solenoid valve), it is best to take the rig in to a professional to be repaired as soon as possible.

Regular maintenance is important on any vehicle, and that certainly applies to RV’s. Read your owner’s manual and make sure that you (or a mechanic) are completing any ongoing maintenance work that is required to keep the slide outs operating correctly. Slide outs can offer a great improvement to your quality of life when living in an RV, but only if you make sure they are operating properly.


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