Tips for Staying Safe in Your RV at Halloween

Staying safe while traveling should always be at the top of your priority list. Traveling in an RV can be great fun, but only if everyone stays safe throughout the trip. You should make decisions both before and during your vacation that allow you to remain safe while still giving you the opportunity to have a memorable trip with family and friends.

Be Sure to Stay Safe While RV'ing on Halloween
Be Sure to Stay Safe While RV’ing on Halloween

Traveling in your RV for Halloween is something that you may be looking forward to, but you will want to make sure to be safe during this trip just like any other. RV travel at this time of the year can present its own unique set of challenges, so get yourself properly prepared before hitting the open road at the end of October.

Check Road Conditions

In most parts of the country, reaching the end of October means some serious changes in weather have already taken place. The days have gotten shorter, and the temperatures have likely fallen significantly. Even though you probably think about December and January when you think about ice and snow, those elements can certainly start to come into play by the end of October (or even earlier). Before you head out on a Halloween RV vacation, be sure to check the road conditions to make sure you aren’t going to encounter any dangerous situations. Not only should you check for precipitation, but also check the temperatures to see if black ice might be a concern early in the morning.

Weather Forecasts at Your Destination

Wind is a common occurrence during the fall months, and while a little bit of wind isn’t a big deal, a large wind storm could create a dangerous situation at the campsite. Before you leave, check on the weather forecast for your destination to ensure that you aren’t likely to encounter a major wind event during your stay. Even while you are camping, do your best to check up on the weather forecast from time to time so you can take precautions when necessary.

Stay Off the Roads on Halloween Night

Unfortunately, drunk driving is a serious problem in this country, and it usually spikes on holidays that are associated with drinking. Halloween is one of those holidays, and the fact that it falls on a Saturday in 2015 could make the problem even worse. If at all possible, try to stay off the roads on Halloween night so you can avoid potentially dangerous drivers. Plan your night in a way that allows you to settle in earlier in the day and stay put while hopefully enjoying a good time with your loved ones.

You always want to stay safe while enjoying RV travel, and that certainly applies on Halloween. By following the basic tips provided above, and by making good decisions during your trip, you should be able to have a fun and memorable weekend while celebrating Halloween 2015.

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