Tips From Burning Man To Dispose of Gray Water – When Boondocking

Burning man is the ultimate camping destination for the wildest campers on planet Earth and is often referred to as the Festival of RVs.

This gathering consists of the daring-most people and has some very innovative RVs. Burning Man is an annual festival held in Nevada and there are some genius ideas like RV Gray Water disposal tips that we have found.

Here, check out the elaborate set of tips of RV Gray Water disposal from Gone With The Wynns:

RV Gray Water disposal

Burning Man is also part of the AAA RV Guide as one of the Greatest Destinations!  According to the veteran RV couple, Jason and Nikki Wynns of Gone With the Wynns, Burning Man is a heaven for RVers!

The Wynns were enlightened by the Gray Water disposal at Burning Man and decided to make the perfect video for fellow RVers. A brief overview of their discoveries are:

  1. Panty Hose Treatment
  2. Disinfectant and spread the water over a large surface area
  3. Water Can Treatment
  4. Using a Sewer Cap with a Hose


Do you have any tricks for disposing of Grey Water when boondocking? Tell us your tips on RV Gray Water disposal in the comments below.

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