Tips To Keep The Mosquitoes Away

There are three major types of mosquitoes that every RVer should be aware of. Namely- Ades- floodwater mosquito, Anopheles- Freshwater mosquito and Culex- Backyard stagnant water mosquito. Depending on the area that you decide to camp in, the mosquito’s in the vicinity can be dangerous to the extent of being fatal too! Make sure to follow the below tips to keep yourself healthy in such areas.

RV Geeks on Ingenious Tips to Keep the Mosquitoes Away

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Tran Nho on ways to keep mosquitoes away from your RV

  • Go for a high and dry camping site- the number of mosquitoes that hatch after a storm will be nothing compared to what you are in for if you choose a camp site near a place that is always wet, like swamps or bogs. So, your map is your best friend here – go high and dry, camper.
  • Bug sprays – go for waterproof- If you’re buying mosquito sprays works choose products that cannot be washed away by your sweat. So, go for waterproof bug sprays, it will make more difference than you can imagine.
  • Sage the pests away- Throw a stick of sage into your campfire at night. It works miracles. The sage scent emitted from that one branch of sage in your camp fire will keep the mosquitoes as well as bugs away from the camp site so efficiently that you will not even need a spray to interfere with that mellow smell of a marshmallow roasting on your campfire.

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PoMoDee shares ingenious tips to keep mosquitoes away while RVing

  • Have you ever arrived at a campsite and as soon as your foot hits the ground – instant bite? Well, this could be because you are wearing clean clothes, are freshly showered and some even go to the point of wearing perfumes…not a good choice! It seems that mosquitoes are attracted to “Fresh Humans”, so take that hoodie or jacket that you plan to wear upon your arrival and pre-spray it with your insect spray of choice.
  • Often when camping, we usually wear shorts, tee-shirts and tank tops, due to the warm weather, but remember most mosquito sprays are meant to be applied on clothing and not directly onto the skin.

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If you are looking for natural  ways to repel mosquitoes from biting you, make sure to use pure peppermint oil on your body. A golden tip is to set up a screen or mesh over your windowsills, to permanently keep the mosquitoes from entering your home on wheels!

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