Tips To Be Organized In Your RV

Saving space is seldom an option, but a rule of RVing. So here are some tips for a clutter free RV!

Missy R on Ways to be Organized in your RV

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Do It Yourself RV on the rule to keep your RV Clutter-free and Organized

  • Designate a Place For Everything- The simplest way to keep your RV organized and clutter free is by designating a specific home for everything. Don’t just find homes for big items.
  • One In, One Out- A great way to reduce clutter and keep the accumulation of extra stuff under control is by employing the One in, One out rule. This rule couldn’t be simpler.
  • Go Digital- If you really want to keep a neat, organized RV, digital media is the way to go. Books, DVDs, and CDs not only take up a ton of room, but they also add a lot of weight to the RV.

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Nikki Wynn shares Tips To Be Organized In Your RV

  • Clear Storage Bins
    Standard shoe boxes are always a great investment for organizing, but make sure it’s clear and comes with a lid!
  • Litter Box
    Keep the litter box up front in the passenger foot area and are thinking of upgrading to this litter box to reduce the never ending the spread of litter.

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An organized RV also cultivates a stress-free and efficient RVing lifestyle in the long run. The golden rule to keep in mind while organizing your RV is to always keep nothing but the necessary items on board.

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