Tips For Solo Women RVers 

It is wrong to say that RVing is always unsafe for single women. In fact, the safety props used by solo women RVers are the same as solo men RVers. If you’re a Solo Woman RVer, follow the tips below from veteran women RVers, to be safe in your home on wheels.

Julia shares tips for Solo Woman RVers based on her fulltime RVing experience

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Veteran RVer, Laura Robinson shares amazingly helpful advice for Women who aspire to RV solo

  • If you should decide to carry a gun, have it licensed, check state laws, take the safety classes, learn how to clean it and care for it properly so it doesn’t misfire and take shooting lessons.
  • Let someone know where you are and check in with them. Keep your phone and laptop, Ipad or whatever, charged and get a booster to find a signal when you are remote.
  • Bring a big dog.  Those little cute ones don’t scare anybody!
  • If you hear someone outside at night, flip on the lights and hit the horn. You can even just start up and drive off. Even if you are hooked up- you can fix those later. Safety first!

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Do It Yourself RV on safety tips for Women RVing alone

  • A motorhome or van are exceptionally safe choices for solo female RVers—if necessary, you never need to leave your locked vehicle when you park for the night (so onlookers are unlikely to notice that you’re alone).
  • For overnight spots, I stick to well-lit, well-patrolled businesses (preferably open 24 hours) such as Flying J or WalMart, and avoid spending the night at dark, isolated highway rest stops.
  • The best self-defense I’ve found (in addition to the above changes)  is to simply stay more aware of my surroundings at all times, and not put myself into places where fear would ever limit my ability to enjoy and be part of nature.  It’s as simple as that!

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The best safety measure to keep when you’re a Solo woman RVer is to be perpetually aware of your surroundings. Yet another way to mask the fact that you’re traveling solo is to settle two chairs outside your camper at night. The golden tip to remember for the safety of single Women campers is the task of double checking your locks and seals before going off on your adventures.


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