Tips To Back Up A Towable Camper

Backing up a towable trailer is more difficult that towing a motorhome. The truth is that backing up a shorter trailer is tougher than a longer trailer. This is because a short trailer overreacts to even incremental glitches, faster than a longer trailer.

Backup TrailerLongLongHoneymoon on ways to back up a towable camper

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Curtis Carper shares exclusive tips on ways to backup a Towable camper

  • #1  Stop right where you are, when you reach the point where you no longer have clear vision of where you want to go.
  • #2  Avoid places that are impossible to get into, or nearly so.
  • #3  Learn to rely on your mirrors.  An RV isn’t like the family sedan. Looking over your right shoulder and down through the center of your motorhome or tow vehicle to back up won’t work. You have to rely on the image in your side mirrors.

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Nick shares expert tips on backing up your towable RV

  • GET ORIENTED-In the moment it can be super confusing which way to turn your steering wheel to move the trailer the direction you want. One bit of feedback I received that was super helpful was to place your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel then turn the steering wheel in the direction you want the trailer to go. So if you want the trailer to go left, push the steering wheel left (with your hand on the bottom of the steering wheel.)
  • SPOTTER-If possible use a spotter. Not necessarily to tell you what to do but to make sure you don’t run over anything. When I do not have a spotter I frequently get out of the truck and take a lap around my rig.Position your spotter where they can see obstacles (that aren’t visible to you) and still see you. Roll down your windows for easy communication and keep eye contact.

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Knowing how to backup your towable camper is necessary to save your RV from getting damaged when getting in to cramped or tight spaces. Make sure to never backup your towable RV into tight quarters, if all the hazards are not observable to you. The most important thing to remember when towing your rig is never to pull it in a blind space.

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