Tips To Stay Safe When A Wild Fire Is Approaching

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More common to the west of America, wildfires can happen anywhere and are rapid as well as deadly. To keep yourself off areas prone to wildfire, always research the wildfire history of the place before settling down to camp. Additionally, installing adequate smoke alarms in the RV is a good idea.

70250-wildfireAccording to  Janet Groene, about mock fire drills,

“Rehearse various scenarios such as escaping on foot versus escaping in the car or dropping the umbilicals so you can speed away in an RV”.


What to do when a wildfire is approaching you?

  • Protect your Life: 
    The first thing to do when a wildfire is coming straight at you is to protect your life. Make sure that you are not fatally close to the fire. Now, save and protect the life of your near and dear ones.
  • Protect your Property:
    If you’ve ensured your safety, the next step is to inspect what you can salvage from the RV. Can you stop the fire from spreading?
  • Evacuate:
    If you do not have any option to delay the wildfire or to kill it, listen to the emergency broadcasts and prepare to evacuate. Evacuate away from the wildfire as soon as possible and inform the nearest authorities.

Above all, it is your duty to ensure that your campfires are fail-proof. When preparing a campfire, it is always best just to avoid areas around wildlife habitation. Always watch out for the direction of the wind when making a campfire too.

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