To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV

As the laws that relate to carrying firearms while traveling are different in places, carrying a firearm aboard your RV can be confusing. If you carry firearms while traveling, it is mandatory to follow the Gun Control act of 1968 to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

So take a look at this expert advice from veterans on whether To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV.

RV Travel on Carrying a Gun In Your RV

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Trey Copeland Shares Smart Ways to Carry Your Gun In The RV

  • The gun should be unloaded and stored in the back of the RV in a locked compartment.
  • It should never be in the glove compartment or center console.
  • If you are federally licensed to carry a concealed weapon, then you may carry your firearm within reach of you.
  • Every campground, whether public or private, is different and laws could vary from campground to campground.

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Tips to consider on whether or not To Carry A Gun Or Not In Your RV from the crew at Motorhome

1. Whenever possible or practical, check with state, county or city law enforcement agencies in areas you plan to frequent regarding the carrying, storage  and concealment of such items.

2. All guns carried in or near the driver’s compartment of a mobile vehicle (without a CCW permit) should be kept unloaded. Store ammunition in separate areas removed from the weapon.

3. Keep pertinent licenses and/or permits for firearms, Tasers, stun guns and protective sprays, as well as a current list of all of the firearms that you own, handy at all times.

4. Do not voluntarily consent to a search of your person, RV or motor vehicle unless you are fully prepared to answer for whatever is found.

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According to statistics, 40% of RVers carry guns aboard their RVs. The most important thing to remember while traveling with your firearm in the motorhome is to keep it unloaded and locked. Furthermore, you should always check the State Laws regarding firearms before entering any area,when traveling with a concealed weapon.

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