The Top Financial Mistakes Made by RV Buyers

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Choosing the Wrong RV

Many new RVers jump into the first make and model they fall in love with, but neglect to ask themselves the important, cost-saving questions such as:

1) How much space do I need while traveling?

2) What types of places and parks do I plan to stay in, and are there RV size limitations associated with these destinations?

3) Am I comfortable driving or towing a large vehicle? Banner TopIt is always recommended that new RVers rent a vehicle similar to the one they are looking to purchase before selecting a rig to purchase. This ensures that they’ve chosen the best type of vehicle for their travel plans, and saves the time, hassle, and significant cost of trading in an unwanted vehicle soon after purchase.

Not Investing in an RV Inspection

 When choosing to purchase a motorhome or towable RV, especially a used unit, there is no better peace of mind than knowing that all mechanical components are in good working condition before you sign on the dotted line. A full mechanical review from a highly trained 3rd party RV Inspector will give you confidence that your new-to-you RV does not have pre-existing and costly failures at the time of purchase.

 Neglecting Maintenance and Upkeep

RVs are complex machines, and they require regular maintenance and care. RVers should always follow the maintenance schedules suggested in their owner’s manual, as upkeep on an RV much more than your periodic oil change. Components such as the refrigerator, generator and more require regular cleaning to ensure they continue to function safely and at peak levels.

Failure to Budget for RV Breakdown Costs

The most commonly overlooked item in an RVer’s budget is the potential cost of RV Breakdowns. Simply put: the cost of RV repairs is on the rise. On average, RV Repairs will cost $300 or more per hour between the cost of parts and labor. RVers often neglect to include these high RV repair costs in their budget, leaving their life on the road vulnerable to mechanical breakdown expenses.

Repair Costs GraphicWhile some RVers do consider the cost of repairs when budgeting for their RV lifestyle, many are unaware of just how many mechanical components exist in their RV. Most RVers recognize major failures, such as blown engines and transmission components, which typically run $10,000 – $30,000 in average repair costs. But these aren’t the only items worth taking a look at. Many of the most common RV failures are found in appliances, leveling systems, or air conditioning units. These everyday items fail often, and are expensive to repair or replace. Just take a look at the image to the right, which features the average costs of the most common failures reported to RV Warranty claim professionals. Banner TopSavvy RVers will want to check out the various ways they can protect themselves from these unexpected and costly failures. It is always a good idea to research RV Protection products such as an RV Extended Service Contract or RV Warranty, RV Roadside Assistance, and even RV Tire and Wheel protection, which can go a long way towards safeguarding your rig and your wallet.

Planning for Peace of Mind

Enjoy the relaxation of traveling in your home-on-wheels by choosing the right RV for your lifestyle, making sure the rig is in good condition before purchasing, maintaining the many appliances and mechanical components per your manufacturer specifications, and protecting your budget from hefty repair bills with an RV Warranty. Planning ahead can save you a ton of trouble down the road, especially when you’re new to RVing. Avoid the Top Financial Mistakes RV Owners make, and travel with peace of mind.

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