Total Cost Of RV Trip Through Canada To Alaska & Why We Wont/Cant Do The Ferry

I am FINALLY getting caught up enough in Alaska to start editing some videos! We have been working so much it is nice to have an afternoon to myself to get stuff done. I discuss how much it costs us to drive the Alcan Highway and driving back down. Also why the Alaska Marine Highway is out of our price range 🙁

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  1. Hi! Last min but I'm in Yellowstone heading up to Deadhorse. Besides having to bury my gun in Montana, I'm also concerned about the availability of random dirt road free overnight camping, heading up in my 4runner. We're use to abundant open land in America, but I'm concerned about the availability of this or excessive regulation up there in Canada. I don't pay for camping.. I'll be taking the rocky mountain route up into Tok., from Montana. Any thoughts? Much appreciated. Will be crossing border in 10 days or so. Thanks!

  2. Just found this video. How many days were calculated into your costs? Also, GREAT road tip. Fall road quality, after summer fixes, versus, spring pot holes.

  3. I just found your videos tonight and now I am hooked – so I sub'd. Now back to watching more of your vid's. Keep up the great and informative work, plus thank you for telling us what it does actually cost to drive that distance instead of keeping it a secret – like so many others do.

  4. i just came back from California taking the 101 all the way down to San Diego in my 37 winnebago elandan we live in vancouver bc we stopped to a lot of places this year was awesome i go every year the entire round trip 5000 kilometers food and gas cost my wife and i $1200 each american we share full cost of everything highlights were cannon beach, pismo beach, Malibu, Laguna beach, San Diego zoo, my bus has a tag axle drives like a space shuttle had a blast worth every penny parts of Cali look like Africa its incredible should see it at least once in your life the sand diego is like being in a real jungle

  5. We live in PA and want to buy a tow camper and go to alaska. Get about 10 MPG with a 06 GMC yukon pulling the camper. Will have to do lie you and keep receipts to see how much it will cost us. Thanks for the info on the ferry. We thought of taking that up but i think that will not happen!!

  6. Hi guys. I enjoy your channel and adventures. It's inspiring me to buy my first rv and begin my adventure. Regarding your costs u detailed during your trip can u tell me what the toll cost were if any? Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Sounds a lot cheaper than ferry. How much does a regular van cost on the ferry ? Still cheaper ? Was shipping a weapon a big deal ? thanks for all you do to make it easier for those that follow in your foot steps

  8. Chris, you should buy yourself a ferry boat and charge those kind of prices to take cars and RV's back and forth.  You could retire by the time you are 40 at those rates.  Anyway on a more serious note, thanks for letting us know what to expect should we ever want to try that trip to Alaska.  Quick question, if a person flew to Alaska and rented a car and stayed in Motels for say a couple of weeks what would be your best guess for the cost for say 14 days?  I am asking about just for car rental and decent Motel room.

  9. Hi Chris I noticed your class A has the Ford Chassis which im thinking is the F53 chassis model. Is your engine the V10 ?
    Your fuel consumption seems a fraction high compared to what we're getting on our 34ft V10 Bounder and Im pulling a Toad.
    Right now we pull a Jeep Wrangler 2 dr, but ive also pulled a chev 1500 crew cap pick up and still got around 8 mpg hwy, averaging 63 mph which ive learned is about the most economical cruising speed on our combo.
    Thanks for the fuel cost, this gives us a good starting point for our Alaska trip next year.
    Stay safe my friend. Rusty

  10. That ferry price is bananas! I haven't followed you guys for at least a year, it's good to see you keeping the faith. Need to get my daughter through high school (2 years) and I'll sell the house and be part of the tribe.

  11. Thank you for sharing Chris. Alaska by road is something I really want to do. I would love to go up and work in the summer. You guys get to do so much fun and adventurous things!  Thanks Again, Kathy  aka Wheelin Kate

  12. Man you have to stop using that Credit Card, you are letting the banks follow you around with their hands in you pocket stealing your hard earned cash. The money your spending now paying off that card is the money you should be spending to live, though I suspect you are still leaning on the card when you can..

    Each 1000 bucks you spend on that f'in card is likely you'll spend 1500 paying it back. Trust me stop using it, it's a drug. Imagine how much better off you'd be right now if you hadn't used it the last 5 years. Honestly, do the maths, it'll frighten you. Cut the f'n thing right down the middle and bin it in the ocean.

    I use a card very rarely and have it set up to pay off each month back to zero, so I NEVER pay a single dime to the man for using it.  Some years ago I let that slip just ounce and was shocked how tricky it was to get under control, at that time I cut the thing to shreds and went cold turkey for a year or so before I realised it was needed for some purchases  but trust me you can live without it too.

    Start today Chris, Shred that piece of crap. I guarantee you'll feel like s*t for a month or two while you try to find your feet but eventually the liberty will hit home. It's a drug Chris, get it out of your life.


  13. Thanks for the break down… sounds like driving would be a better trip than the ferry anyway…you could drive atlas and zep back for the cost of the ferry…sounds like G was right on this one…til next time…peace…

  14. im thinking about taking the same trip and taking a gun rifle or pistol… could you please explain more of the process of going in and out of canada with a firearm….thank you

  15. AMHS charges per foot.
    Last I checked (last year) it was $65 a foot from Bellingham to Haines (Southeast)where you would drive 200 miles North then hit the road to go west or east on the ALCAN. Thus my 32' RV would cost about $2,080 one way. Plus passage for driver and guest. This would be with or without a cabin.

    Now Chris's estimate 1) would have included driver etc. However he my be looking at a different route than what I mention. One from near where he is probably Whittier to Bellingham would be more in the range he's talking about since it is twice as far. You also have cabin rates + passenger rates, etc.

    Either way the ferry is not cheap and they're talking raising the rates as I type. LOL

  16. You know Chris that is a lot of money but when you are old like me the memories will be well worth it. I have a couple of ideas that you could do a video about. You know when you started out you showed some of the devices and products you got for the trip. Except just a little in passing we have not heard if they have been helpful to you. You got a TPMS, solar panels, generator, a new microphone, GPS, surge protectors and your cameras. I for one would like a review of how well they worked and were they worth the money, and would you buy them again or something else. I would like a better breakdown on your camera arrangement as I am interested in that subject at this time. Just keep going and have fun and let us have fun through your experiences. Your RV friend Larry OZ

  17. You're awesome Chris thanks a million I was one of those guys asking about the cost.. I have a dodge diesel should be close to your total in fuel with my camper in the back

  18. I think you guys did a great job driving up and you made the right choice to not go on the ferry. We all had so much fun going along for the ride. Always looking forward to your next video… 🙂


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