Tour The Icy Alaska

If you are planning a tour in Alaska make sure that you will not miss doing and visiting these activities and places that is highly recommended by

RVing To AlaskaPlaces in Alaska


  •  A “flightseeing” tour over Denali National Park
  •  A glacier cruise in Prince William Sound or the Kenai Fjords
  •  Anchorage, home to Alaska’s best art and native culture museums
  •  Quirky, small towns such as Homer or Talkeetna
  •  A drive along scenic Turnagain Arm
  •  A bear-viewing tour in the summer, to see them fishing for salmon in the streams
  •  The wonders of the night sky – either the Midnight Sun in summer, or the auroras of winter


Tour The Icy Alaska

Here’s a great video from Leisure Travel Vans that will make you fall in love with Alaska. This is a great chance for everyone, especially for the retired couples who wanted to maximize their time together. This great video will also share their experiences and how great it made them feel.

See, this is a trip for everyone – the young and the old. So, go and plan a trip to the icy Alaska and join the rest of the RVing community.

Share your experiences with us in the comments below and let us know how priceless that moment was.

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