In this episode, we travel from Moriarty, NM to Rockwall, TX on our Trek Across America for our 2nd and 3rd stops, break a new MPG record in the van, and Odin …

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  1. How else to make a boring interstate travel vlog interesting than to add a little talking cat! This is stop 2 & 3 on my leg east. Hope you enjoy.

  2. I appreciate the boring travel vlog. I have traveled the 40 a lot all my life and some on the 287. I never took the time to stop much along the way except to fill up, piss, and grab a drink. Then I am hauling ass at 80-85 mph. So I actually learn when you document your stops. I'm just disappointed you didn't stop at the Big Texan and eat a steak.

  3. You may want to take that cat to a priest, sounds possessed. Also other then audio books do you listen to podcasts? Lots of good RV and van dwelling ones out there. I am a podcast junkie, love them.

  4. HOBOPEEP here…   uh yeah…   lol     Great on the MPG and audio books for sanity while doing a straight run.    Love the selfie clip with the moon in the background, you sort of got the Bob Wells prophet thing going for ya  but better choice of hat for the Texas run!   What a relief (sound wise) when you get off the Hiway!  I am sure you think I say that a milliom  million million times! can you wrap you external mike in a sock?   lol  oh well it is just a few days, stay safe.   Oh my Odin what a deep voice you have!

  5. Thats funny. I stayed in that same TX rest area about 3 weeks ago and parked along the curb about 200 ft behind where you stopped. As far as jake brakes, drivers use them whenever they slow down to save brake wear. Jakes, they're not just for mountains anymore. As far as the noise, I dont think drivers are overly concerned about making noise near a freeway. Dont mean that in a bad way it just if your looking for quiet I wouldn't stay by a freeway or in a truckstop. It's kind of like the people that build a house near an airport then complain about the jets. You'll get better at finding better/quieter places. I would suggest warehouse districts in towns. As far as me I dont notice the noise. Guess I'm used to it. DO NOT DRAFT SEMI'S if they blow a tire or run over road debris your right there for damage.

  6. I think it could be neat segment in some videos where Odin and you have deeper conversations, even arguments. Develop him a personality somewhat like a ventriloquist. You've got a good sense of humor so go for it

  7. Truckers most likely just forgot their jake brakes were on. Most just drive with engine brakes on unless there is moisture on the roads.

    I do agree it’s irritating but so is the engine and refer running all night

  8. Maybe you should find your cat another friend so he stays busy with him or her. My cat was very lonely in house after adapting new friend for him and couple of fights here and there. He is in much better shape and not depressed or lonely. Other keep messing with him or playing around. But given your size of place I am not sure what would you prefer. But do think about it if you are on road for that long.

  9. if nervous about winds, trucks passing- check out steer safe, or safe t steer for front steer axles. Had one on my '78 Class C and my nightmare to drive in straight line '99 Ram TDI with Lance Truck camper.(25 mpg with 6-cyl diesel p/u with Lance 12,000 lbs)
    Blowout @75 , potholes, truck wake, winds , no problem always tracked where aimed.

  10. It helps a little bit with the handling of the Roadtrek if you slow down by 5mph when a trucker passes you when it's windy like that. That sure was a fancy rest area. You may want to reconsider parking in areas that are designated for truckers. They already have a difficult time finding parking spots for their mandated rest periods. The Roadtrek fits in almost all parking spots, especially when backed in or parked off to the side.
    Are you not worried that Odin may get the freedom-fever and jump out of the van?


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