Two New Electronic RV Gadgets That I Won’t Travel Without In 2019

There are lots of gadgets and gizmos we RVers like to travel with. But there are two that I won’t leave the driveway without – a dash cam system and a cell phone booster. In this video, I show you the two I have picked for our new RV.

The cell booster is the SolidRF MobileForce 4G –
The dashcam system is the BlackVue DR900 2 Channel 4K UHD –

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  1. Mike, it appears that your outside antenna is quite close to your inside antenna – just above through the roof. How are you avoiding the feedback loop between the two antennas? I have the large WeBoost with the antenna on the roof centered right above the driver and passenger seats, and the inside antenna about four feet below on a cabinet. I am constantly having trouble with it shutting down because of the feedback.

  2. Can you please list the antenna and the mast you used in the video? The only color I've seen has been white, and I would like a black one with a spring-loaded mast. Thanks!

  3. With the antenna position next to your panel are you not concerned about shading losses whenever the sun is from the front? I would think you'd want the antenna away from the panels as far as possible to avoid shadowing.

  4. When I saw you were talking about the two-channel Blackview dashcam, I was really hoping you were going to offer a practical solution to actually have a rear view mounted camera on a Roadtrek. IMO, the rear camera is actually more valuable than the front for recording accidents since most accident footage that you'd actually want to show anyone where it's not your fault is more likely to be someone rear-ending you, but Roadtrek has those shades on the rear door windows which leave no place to attach a rear camera even if you were willing to pay for the extra cable.

  5. Thank you. Love the booster. What is a good camera to see out back of my trailer as I travel to see who is behind me? Thanks.

  6. Very Nice! I'm seeing a trend in the competitive electronics market. Personal service and advice is the best way to increase market share.

  7. Love my BlackVue 750 1ch. It very cool to download a 60 second clip onto my iPhone in the field! I did add a very large data card so I can record at least 24 hours of on-the-road footage.

  8. Mike and Jennifer, thanks for this upload. I'm new to your channel and am glad I found it. Your 2 product reviews were very useful and you are obviously handy with a screwdriver and drill!!! I'm an Englishman who lives in Russia and when you know the size of this country (17 100 000 км²) you would think touring either in an RV or Motorcycle would have limitless possibilities but its not so, this vast expanse of land is just not set up for non extreme tourism (I'm 52 and like my creature comforts nowadays) anyway, I will continue watching your vlogs and enjoy the experience with you both, thanks again. Be safe for 2019.


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