Used Airstream RV Cheap (from a Source You Wouldn’t Expect)

When it comes down to an RV, many people will not be satisfied with anything other than an Airstream. These will always be loved by RV’ers everywhere and with good reason. However, the price tag on a new one can be very, very expensive. There is a way to find a used Airstream RV at a greatly reduced price. It simply takes knowing where to look!

The Regular Sources for Used RV’s

There are many places where people start their search for a used RV. The local classifieds, Craigslist, and even EBay are all popular. However, the problem that you run into is finding out which of the sellers is selling a piece of junk! Unfortunately, not all sellers are reputable and most are far from honest. There is usually a reason that the RV is being sold in their place. However, it’s up to you to find out because the seller will seldom tell you.

The Better Source for Used RV’s

When you start looking for a used Airstream RV, you really need to check with your local bank or finance institution. In today’s economy, many people are losing their RV’s to repossession. After a specified period of time, these RV’s must be sold in order for the bank to recoup some of their costs. Storage fees can add up quickly as well, so it’s really important that the banks get the RV’s sold and gone as soon as possible.

When you call up these banks, you can find out if and when there will be a repo auction and exactly what will be sold. It’s a great way to get your hands on some fine RVs, including those that may only be a couple of months old.

The Best Place to Find Used RV’s

The best place for you to find a great deal on an RV is at a government auction. This is because of the selection, location, and price. These auctions happen all over the country. Local, state, and federal agencies must sell off their surplus, seizures, even repos in order to make room for the next wave of units to be sold. Some starting bids are as low as $100. There are several websites available that list each auction, the items for sale, and the particulars on placing a bid. If you’re ready to get a used Airstream RV, this is simply the best way to go.

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