Van Life As a Solo Female Traveler (Loneliness, Safety, and Diet on the Road)

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Van Life As a Solo Female Traveler (Loneliness, Safety, and Diet on the Road)
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Anna French


  1. Just came across your channel u go Gurlll….4 real I'm jealous I'm trying to save up so I can be free to in the mean time I'll watch your channel so you can teach this 55 almost 56 year old woman how to conquer van life..thanks for sharing I have to get back to work my break up I look forward to Watching more of your channel…be safe young girl and again thank you for sharing…..God Bless and Keep you safe….gina comer….

  2. What a beautiful van/home, thank you for sharing. I’d love to master the solar. I’m working towards building out my 2003 Tahoe and refinishing my Vintage Cardinal trailer.
    I too have the scaredy-cats going on. Just got a new Service Puppy ? but she’s afraid of the dark and neighbor dogs barking. Don’t know who’s the bigger ?.
    Welcome to OR. I live about an hour and some change from Crater Lake. So beautiful. Born in Eugene.
    Let me know next time you’re this way and need a shower and some bar b que.
    Oh one other, having been involved in rescues, and with a World Renowned Rescuer. Please, please always always keep your gorgeous baby on a leash. I can pass along a lighter ones knots also.
    Warmest Regards, Murphy’s Menagerie

  3. No one likes to have negative input but I read recently that national parks are areas that really need big precaution because there aren't lots of cameras around. Stay safe.

  4. I love the way your van is set up. I hope you and your mom are well. We are friends on FB as well. Last we talked you were helping with elections stuff. I head up to NY April 25 and will be up there for 6 months working. So excited. Van is set up. Ready at a moments notice.

  5. I just get too concerned for women who camp completely alone and dogs off leash in most places you go can be snatched by a lion or Bear and there would be nothing you could do but watch.

  6. Do u have any wireless devices? Probably so since you are able to upload to youtube and probably other social media. Thus many if these schollies, vannies, so called off grid are not truely off grid. Believe me, the government and your wireless providers know where you are at all times.

  7. That would be so much fun and educational. As soon as I get some loose ends tied up I plan on doing the same. Southern state in the winter, Northern states and Canada in the summer. YAY???

  8. Great van! Stay safe out there. The PNW haas more than bears and cougars lurking in the woods. I'd say get yourself a firearm as well. Your dog is so adorable. How do you pay for the monthly heart worm pills for Cagney!


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