Ways To Be Safe In A Lightning Storm For RVers

Akin to most extreme weather disasters, lightning storms are fatal too. One way to stay safe if you’re RVing in a lightning-prone area is to seek safety in the RV during critical weather. Check our five ingenious ways to be safe during a Lightning Storm in your RV.

Mark Polk and Mike Sokol on Ways to be Safe in a Lightning Storm for RVers

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  • Tents are NOT SAFE. The RV should be safe provided that you are completely inside with the windows closed.
  • Prior to a lightning strike though, you may feel or see signs of charge movement in the air or in you.  This may include a tingling sensation, or having your hair standing on end.
  • Don’t touch anything that is plugged into the wall, are not in contact with any plumbing (including sinks, tubs, and showers), stay away from windows and doors, and stay off corded phones.

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Dennis C Brewer shares How to Make Your Motorhome Safer During Lightning Storm

  • Lightning does not always come straight down from a cloud at a 90-degree angle; it follows the most conductive path along ionized air from charged clouds and can strike at a 45-degree angle from above.
  • Get off the water, seek shelter or occupy low ground if caught in the open. The safety rule to remember is that if you see a lightning flash and hear the sound from it in less than 30 seconds, you are in danger of having a strike at your location.

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Just as the rubber sole sandals do nothing during a Lightning Storm, tips are necessary to help you be safe during lightning storms. Make sure to get to a safe place as soon as you’re sure that there is a lightning strike en route via internet, radio or word of mouth!

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