We’re Off RVing To Joshua Tree National Park. Hop In!

The infamous Joshua Tree National Park is a large conservation area in California. It has iconic rock formations and stunning desert terrain. Named after the bristled Joshua Trees in the area, Joshua Tree National Park has many attractions, exclusive for RVers.

So take a look at our list of places to go camping and visiting while RVing in Joshua Tree National Park.

Love your RV on their 2016 RV Trip to Joshua Tree National Park

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Where To Go While In Joshua Tree National Park

Hidden Valley

A rock enclosed valley in the Joshua Tree NP, Hidden Valley is a great rock climbing trail with a scenic background. The valley is rich with flora and fauna as well.

Cholla Cactus Garden

A stop at the Cholla Cactus Garden rewards you with a level, quarter-mile nature trail that introduces you to a beautiful collection of “jumping” cacti, a nickname the cholla picked up for their propensity to insert their spines into your skin at the slightest touch.

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Barker Dam

File:Joshua tree barker dam.jpg

Barker Dam, also known as the Big Horn Dam, is a water-storage facility located in Joshua Tree National Park in California. The dam was constructed by early cattlemen, including CO Barker, in 1900.

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Within Key’s View, Ryan Mountain and the desert trails, there are many more  activities to do while RVing To Joshua Tree National Park. The most important thing to remember while in the Joshua Tree NP is to carry water bottles with you.

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