What I Learned about RV Living in My 1st Year RVing Full-time as a Solo Female RVer // Mesa Verde NP

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In my 1st year of full time RV living, I learned so many things about myself as I traveled around North America as a solo female RVer. I talk about my life lessons as I wander around the Mesa Verde National Park and the cliff dwellings around the area.

Can you believe it’s been one year already? Time seems to have flown by at lightening speed this last year. I packed in an abundance of traveling, activities, and lessons during this last year.

In my first year of RVing around North America I learned:

Living my best life
I’m Happier
I’m more social
Experiencing world
Love this RV life
More adaptable
Trust instincts
Love minimalistic lifestyle
Restored faith in humanity
Overcame fears
Slow down and enjoy the moments
Appreciation & Gradtitude
Flexible & spontaneous

★ My Favorite Gear & Equipment I Use (Amazon affiliate links)

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Second backup camera: https://amzn.to/2MIKjdy
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Season 2 Episode 2: Takes place in Mesa Verde National Park in southwest Colorado area and Morefield Campground.

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You can always find more about about my adventures, where I am in my quest, and more that I don’t have in the video at https://www.StoryChasing.com

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  1. Please head on over to my blog https://www.StoryChasing.com where I share more about my travels, links to overnight parking/camping areas, costs for each area I stay in, update on my quest completion, and more on starting your own business, saving, finances, manifesting your dreams, and living a life you truly love. Create. Do. Live!

  2. i love the content and wanted to sign up for the free 4 module course. Went to the storychasing website and the link is dead. Anyone else having troubke or success? Thank you so much for your work.and sharing.your adventure with us!

  3. I love your videos! I like that not only do you share your beautiful destinations, you also share some very informative and educational things on RV life! Thank you! Can't wait to be on the road soon too! ?

  4. I have a question – I'm wanting to begin this nomad lifestyle – traveling and visiting national parks, etc. in a couple of years – working on getting debt free and waiting for my son to graduate. My question is this – while researching the national parks across the country – most of them say no pets on trails, some even say no pets in campgrounds. How do you travel with your companion to national parks? I'm worried that if I get a dog – I won't be able to hike/camp with him as much as I want to. I have enjoyed your videos and am trying to get caught up on them!!!!!

  5. I'm thinking of entering RV life full time.  I know my family will think Im crazy. I may tell them Im staying with a friend somewhere far away.  Just so I don't hear any shit from them.Can you give me any advise as how to start out, Ive been looking at Class B RV's but not sure if I can handle the tiny living.  Not sure if I should look at Class C? Kinda big.  I feel I need to make my first decision the right one because i'lll be using all the equity in the sale of my house so there really is not second chance to me.   Does joining rv clubs help out? do you guys travel together at times?  Do you feel safe? I have so many more questions.  But ill start here, hope to hear back from you.Jenn 54 and restless

  6. Amber, how do you still like the hymer? Would you buy it again? I'm starting my journey next year and looking the hymer due to its size. Is it practical and comfortable enough to live in full time?

  7. Congratulations! You're a fast learner and we learn with you. Thanks for sharing your process, life lessons, etc. in an intelligent, succinct, well thought out manner. I just found your channel and saw a few other vids. They are a labor of love for sure. Happy trails to you! ;D

  8. Hi there!! 🙂

    New to your channel, found you from Becky over at IO. Hope to meet you out there one day. I'm heading out soon 🙂

    Wishing you all the best,


  9. Recently found your blog and am loving it. Your change to a class B and reasons resonate with me. I'm hoping to do the same. Question since you pup was used to a home and yard before was it hard for her to get used to the van, not having free access to the immediate area around the van? Without being on a leash? I'm worried about my pup and his getting used to it. He loves the car and traveling and is so good. But he also has full run of our yard when we get home. Also since she's small have you been worried about scorpions and snakes when in the dessert?

  10. Well Happy Anniversary!

    You asked me to check back with you after commenting a year ago about some of your videos. I must admit they've grown greatly and professionally.
    They're much less harried, and more scenic/tourist incorporative…not just conversational.

    Your panning, music edits and balance paint a pleasant experience.
    Your voice has a flair for narrations.

    Although the desert has its beauty, I agree Seattle and Maine are much too beautiful for anyone to dismiss. You captured Maine graciously.

    Downsizing works well for your lifestyle.
    Most RVer channels confess that slowing the pace of travel seems to be the secret to truly enjoying the lifestyle.

    I look forward to watching more and how much life has to share on your journey. Happy travels. Be safe.

  11. I watch a lot of these vids.my wife and I are preparing to spend a great part of our retirement on the road. very entertaining and informative.looking forward to meeting new people and places.nice job.


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