What is “Workamping”?

What is “Workamping”?

“A Workamper combines part-time or full-time paid or volunteer work with RV camping. Workampers generally receive compensation in the form of a free campsite, usually with free utilities (electricity, water, and sewer hookups) and additional wages. Workamping positions can include working at campgrounds, RV resorts, mobile home communities, Christmas tree or pumpkin sales lots, amusement parks, motels/hotels, national parks, state parks, U.S. Army Corps of Engineer locations, national monuments, lighthouses, retail stores, food service, sales and more. Many Workamping positions are filled by couples who can share the labor, though having a partner is not a requirement.” As stated in Wikipedia.

Workamping can also be people who simply travel while working on the road.

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At this present time, there are a lot of options for you earn on the road. You can either out of your rig and do skilled jobs, you can stay inside your camper and earn a living through your computer or you can find workamping jobs at specific campgrounds.

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