What Engine Oil Do you feed your RV?

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From purple to grey, there are various Engine Oil types  for an RVer to choose from Conventional or synthetic oil.

According to Motorhome,

“Few drivers are concerned about the science behind the formulation of motor oils, but most want to know how the lubricants will benefit them”.

So, what Engine Oil do you feed your RV?

Most RV veterans claim that once your RV has started using either one of the synthetic or conventional engine oils, it is not safe to change it. Hence, when confirming on any one of the wide varieties of engine oil in the market, you must be definite about whether the change will damage or revive your RV!

What happens to your RV Engines when you convert from synthetic to conventional oil?

The truth is, once your RV has used the conventional engine oil for most of its life, the gasket items become swollen, depending upon the RV usage. If you convert your RV at this moment to a synthetic engine oil, then chances are your gaskets will undergo rapid shrinking and eventual leaks. So, changing oils consistently is not recommended by any RVer.

Why does this happen?

Engine Oil

The reasons for this chaos during oil change happens as conventional oil consists of molecules that are rigid, while synthetic oils can squeeze through locations in the engine that the former cannot.

Remember to change your oil filter everytime you change the oil of your RV Engine. What oil do you use for your RV Engines? Tell us in the comments below. 😀


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