What To Do When RVing In Lake Mohave, Telephone Cove

Lake Mohave is located on the border of Arizona and Nevada, and is a reservoir made by Davis Dam. It begins on the Colorado River and lasts until Davis Dam.

Take a look at the best activities to do when RVing In  Lake Mohave.

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What To Do When RVing Lake Mohave, Telephone Cove

Swimming in Lake Mohave

Being a clear lake, Lake Mohave is ideal for swimming, kayaking, boating and many other water sports. Two native fish in Lake Mohave are endangered- Razorback sucker and Bonytail chub.

Personal Watercraft

PWCs allowed to be operated within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, which encompasses Lake Mead and Lake Mohave, include any four-stroke, and two-strokes meeting EPA 2006 emission standards. As of December 31, 2012 many two-stroke personal watercraft are no longer allowed to operate within Lake Mead National Recreation AreaThese include any PWC with a carbureted two-stroke engine

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Free Beach Camping

Telephone Cove camping area lies on the shore of Lake Mohave north of Laughlin, Nevada in Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

It’s tough to find water in the desert, and even tougher to find RV camping near it. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of birds, the lulling of gentle waves hitting the beach, and the refreshing breeze that rustles the cottonwood leaves. This truly is an oasis in the desert. Camping doesn’t get much better than this.

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A windy place to camp, RVing in Lake Mohave is scenic. The most important thing to remember when in Lake Mohave is to carry mosquito repellents t all times on you, as the area has flies and mosquitos.

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