What To Do When RVing In Yellowstone National Park

Having about five RV specific Campgrounds, Yellowstone National Park stretches across 2.2 Million acres and hence, is also a sought after destination for most campers. The National Park is the first NP in America and the world. So, check our exclusive on activities to do while RVing in Yellow Stone National Park.

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What To Do When RVing In Yellow Stone National Park

Yellowstone River Camping

The Yellowstone National Park is named after the Yellowstone River, which is named after the yellow colored rocks found in it, from Yellowstone Grand Canyon.

Boating is not allowed apart from boating in Shoshone Lake and Lewis River.

Hunting and Hiking in the Yellowstone National Forest

Permitted only during the open seasons, Hunting was existent in Yellowstone, since centuries. Hiking along the Trail of Yellowstone Branch Line is adventurous and night hiking requires a permit.
It also has more than 900 miles of hiking trails crisscrossing Yellowstone.
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Fishing License

The license to fish is necessary for fishing is not the only hassle of fishing in the waters of Yellowstone. The park also allows nothing but, fly fishing as well as ‘catch and release’ of fishes.

Fishing has been a major visitor activity for well over a century. Because of this history, fishing continues to be allowed and can complement, and in some cases even enhance, the park’s primary purpose to preserve natural environments and native species.

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The campgrounds in Yellowstone National Park for RVers are Fishing Bridge RV Park- 3; Madison-2; Grant- 6, Canyon-6 and Bridge Bay- 4. Pets are permitted in the drive-in campgrounds in Yellowstone NP; and at all other times, pets must be kept leashed.

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