What we thought the RV life was like VS Reality

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What we thought the RV life was like VS Reality
Join You, Me, and the RV / Two Plus Three / Adventure Endeavor, and Tony from Hippie and the Tech, in a discussion about what they thought the RV lifestyle …

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Hippie and the Tech


  1. Good video. We have been full time for almost 3 years. We did change rigs once we were doing it for about 4 months. I am not sure we could have realized what we needed by sitting in it for an hour. I’d recommend buy used, of whatever kind you think will work and once you have been in it for a while you will know what works for you. YouTube is great!! However, I would encourage you to document everything you do. We didn’t, and we wish we had. We also haven’t had much luck with the community aspect. My husband’s kids are grown, but we aren’t retired. We spend all day working inside our rig and do things after work. However, it seems that a lot of folks either have families or they are retired. So while we have found a few other folks that are working 8-5 jobs the communities like xscapers didn’t really work for us. However, we love the lifestyle anyways. It is everything we expected and more.

  2. I really loved this video. Having people from very experienced to novice answer the questions was a great way to see how full-timing affects all ranges of experience.


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