What We Wish We Knew Before We Started RVing | Advice from 7 Full-Time RVing Couples | Quartzsite

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While in Quartzsite at the Xscapers Convergence, we asked 6 other Full-Timing RVing Couples what they wished they knew before they started RVing. In this video, they share their thoughts, regrets, tips and advice to help others considering the RV lifestyle – whether as a vacationer, snowbird or full-timer.

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  1. We got a simple 22 foot hideout for$12K new and love it. No slide to break and works well for the Two of us. Replaced the bed mattress and that is it no other changes. We do not entertain in our camper it our private home away from home.

  2. This video was great and covered some of the things my husband and I have learned over the last 6 months of owning a Class C RV. We have two young kids (8 years old and 2 years) so our RVing experience might be different than others. Last summer we took our first roadtrip from our home state of Washington to Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky to see family and friends. It was wonderful and we learned a LOT! We can't wait to hit the road again this year with everything we've learned. A couple of things that weve learned is that our RV is a gas HOG! Looking at the "real" fuel economy before purchasing might have changed which unit we purchased. Also, like some owners in your video stated, buying preowned can be better. We didnt, but scored a great deal… I guess we will really see what kind of deal when we decide to sell. The last big thing would be knowing the limitations of the unit you're buying. We LOVE to hike and our Class C isnt very capable of getting us to trailheads… or providing us the ability to motor around and explore as much as we would like. Purchasing a vehicle with great towing capabilities along with a towable unit might have been better. However, even with all of these factors, we still can't wait to hit the road again. Thanks for providing so many informative videos! Happy New Year!

  3. Ive been full timing sense 2010 i always buy pre owned .
    My first
    2007 Winnebago Tour 36 ft 3 slide coach 400 Cummins
    Then 2010 Monaco Dynasty it 44ft
    500 Cummins 4 slides Onan 10,000 Gen Tag.
    The Rig we have now . 2012 Newmar King Air
    600 Cummins Onan 12.5 Gen 4 slides and a Tag 15000 lb towing Comp.
    This is Rig i always wanted it had 64000 miles New Michlin Tires i bought it on the spot .
    I just sold my 2010 Monaco $169k

  4. Lisa and Dan…. spot on. As we were FT-RVers who wud sell nearly everything to hit the road as workampers, actually did the opposite. We did alot of research before buying, looked at about (no joke) 30 different units. We started in a 1978 24ft (with 21.5ft living space) Wilderness travel trailer that we partially glutted and remodeled to fit our needs and most importantly our budget. Our next rig was a 1993 Cornado Class A which felt like a castle vs the trailer. But I say that to any other potential RVers, especially those without big $$. Slideouts are must but be very aware on the quality of the slide mechanism. If the rig will not be moving alot (weeks or months in same locale) pick a trailer or 5th wheel. Like others on this video said, think it through. Why?? (meaning just weekend camping vs FT living year round or partially/seasonally FT) things like do you need a 4season RV or if you plan to do alot of short-term staying throughout the country. Then maybe a Class A or C with a towing vehicle that you drive the smaller "toad" (your car, SUV,etc.) while RV is parked so you can not worrying about limited spaces at grocery store or the need to park and do alot of walking to get to the entrance of store, museum, etc.

  5. Great advice – thank you for taking the time to share this. I am counting down until my lease is up to do it right the second time around. We tried full timing and I went cheap on the 5th Wheel – bought off eBay from an RV dealer… and did not inspect – advertised as "Slight water damage"

    DO NOT BUY A RIG THAT HAS BEEN WATER DAMAGED!!! I worked hard trying to get rid of the odor and after four months got rid of the porta potty on wheels. That stink permeates everything eventually.

    Also, you may not need a tow vehicle at all if your work camping and going from site to site – you can hire a tow for a lot cheaper than truck payments, insurance, maintenance cost for a big truck. Just make sure you have the money in the bank for a tow when you need it. I owned a 2006 Ford F-250 with the 7.3-liter diesel – best engine ever made in my opinion but guess what, everyone wanted me to tow (or move) their rigs and when you say “No” folks can and do get pissy and take it personal. But if you say yes and something happens to their rig – YOU WILL BE HELD LIABLE. Do not do it on a wink and a nod if you do move someone’s rig.
    Lastly in case you didn’t hear me the first time – DO NOT EVER BUY A TRAILER THAT HAS HAD WATER DAMAGE! You can tell right away because it will smell like it has been smoked in which it may have. No amount of cleaning, air filtration, deodorants will conquer that odor if there is any moisture in the walls. It is not cheap re roofing a 40 foot 5th wheel and or pulling the walls apart to get the wet out. Don’t put your health at risk because hidden mold and mildew will eventually make you very sick.

    Stay safe – See you on the road Spring 2020!

  6. Love it. I am considering life on the road and have decided to start at the bottom, i.e. a car that I can sleep in. If I like full time life on the road , I may buy a small pickup with a camper. Go slow….start little….and move upwards, if you like it.

  7. It can be a hard life but it's totally freedom
    I was a Carney for years looking back I remember it was not a bad life
    When I was young i loved it it was my life
    My children were Carney brats.we traveled every where and did we ever get an education.i might live off the grid again.thinking about it

  8. All RVs look great with the slides out, but the real test is how functional they are with the slides in. Whether traveling down the road in a Class A or C, or pulling in a rest area or parking lot…can you prepare a meal? Can you use the bathroom? Can you take a nap or get some overnight zzzs? Can you use you dinette or sofa? I looked at a nice Class C that appeared to click off everything on my list until I found out that you have to fold the bed in half to close the slide. That was a major NO-GO.

  9. My family has been looking into buying a towing RV (non 5th wheel) for about a year. We have watched sooooo many videos on what to look for and how to make a better buying decision. Some of the questions that I have havent been talked about.

    1- super lite- lite- or any other supposed light weight trailer names, how are they different from similar weighted trailer that don’t have those words in the name?

    2- I’ve seen and read about so many trailers that I’ve noticed that lots and lots of them look identical, inside an out. Except made by different companies, people are obviously choosing one over the other…I think. What/who is helping them with that decision?

  10. humm i been wondering WHY no one on the subject of living in a RV doesnt make a video so simple as. try living in a RV before you sell your home ? right in your drive way.

    Done Dennison

  11. Advice: Live within your means. The more you have, the more complexity, and headaches you have. Simpler is always better, and will generally leave/make you much more happy, and content.

  12. FIRST FIRST FIRST, to know is DO NOT buy from Camping World. There are NO lemon laws for RV's and Camping World knows this, any buyer that does not is Camping Worlds lawful prey. I rate Camping World AAA….avoid, avoid, avoid.


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