When is the Right Time to Buy a Bigger RV?

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When you were first getting started in the world of RV travel, you probably focused on buying your first rig without breaking the bank. Budget is the main concern with first-time RV buyers, and rightly so. After all, you don’t yet know if you are going to love everything that comes with owning an RV, so why spend a fortune? This is a perfectly reasonable and logical way to go about purchasing your first RV.

This setup might not suit your needs as the years go by.
This setup might not suit your needs as the years go by.

However, for most people, that first RV only gets the job done for so long. Once you find out just how much fun it is to own an RV, you will probably want a bigger rig that is capable of carrying more people, supplies, etc. It isn’t necessary to own a big RV in order to have fun in the outdoors, but it does make more things possible.

So how do you know when the time is right to trade in your current rig for a bigger one? The following questions should help you make this decision.

Do You Want to Take Longer Trips?

One of the first things you need to think about is the length of the trips that you would like to take. If you are going to be only traveling within a couple hours drive of your home, it might not be necessary to own a large RV (unless you have a big family). However, if you would like to get out on the open road and travel a couple of states away, size is going to become more important. Larger RV’s are better suited for long trips because they allow you to pack more items, and they also give everyone more personal space during the long journey. If you think that you would like to set out and see large parts of the country, doing so in a bigger RV would be ideal.

Can You Afford It?

The last thing you want to do is create a financial burden on you and your family simply because you upgraded to a bigger RV. You should only make this purchase when you are sure that you can handle it from a financial perspective, so do some careful math before heading to the local RV dealership. You won’t be able to travel in your RV anyway if you are spending all of your money simply making the payments.

Do Your Preferred Destinations Work for Big RV’s?

One last thing to consider is the types of places that you enjoy visiting on your trips. Do you go to campgrounds that are designed for big RV’s, or do you like getting deep into the woods where there are only small spots at government camping facilities? You don’t want to buy a rig that won’t be able to take you where you want to go, so research any length or height restrictions at your favorite destinations before you buy a new RV.


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