What To Do When Your RV Shocks You?

On many forums, the question in the title has been a repetitive one. Unsurprisingly, the answers to this question about RV shocks is repetitive too!

One of such questions we found is,

“We are getting electrical shocks from our RV when touched. Is this supposed to happen? What is happening?”

RV Shocks

When is a Short Circuit actually dangerous?

Electrical Shocks can kill you!

According to Bob, “This is a short, or short circuit. It is a situation when electrical current takes a shorter path to ground, or neutral, than the intended path or circuit. The electricity is going through you”. We couldn’t agree more!

What should you do when the RV Shocks you?

Get a Polarity Ground Tester as well as Voltage Checker, first. Furthermore, learn how to use it.

RV shocks

Here’s a video on how to use a polarity ground tester to check how serious your RV Shocks are!

Check more easy ways of operating things from Alan Hobbs of Electrical Testing Ltd here. Tell us what you do, when your RV Shocks you, in the comments below. 😀

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