Where to go RVing in Sedona

Renowned globally for the crimson red landscape, Sedona is filled with breathtakingly beautiful pine forests, canyon walls and State Parks. Located in Flagstaff, Sedona is always busy with tourists, although the population is just over 10,000!

Destinations to RV in Sedona

RVing in Sedona

  • Coconino National Forest: Situated in 1.856-million acres, Coconino National Forest is open Monday to Friday from 08:00- 16:00 for visitors and remains closed on the weekends.
  • Red Rock state Park: Popular for the unique red rock formations situated just outside the city of Sedona, Red rock State Park is filled with hiking trails and jaw-dropping geographical formations.
  • Sedona Heritage Museum: A historical museum, Sedona Heritage Museum is known for its vernacular history that is preserved within the family farmstead. It houses the history of the founding families of Sedona.
  • Oak Creek Canyon: Often described as the little brother of Grand Canyon, Oak Creek is 14 miles long and is perfect for water camping.
  • Cathedral rock: A photogenic scenery, Cathedral Rock is widely known for its  coastal sandstones and dunes, in diverse shapes and sizes.

The video below from Average Camper’s Adventures on RVing in Sedona highlights the top attractions of Sedona

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While RVing in Sedona you must also explore the Red Rock Crossing and many Heritage site. The former is a park while the latter is a mesmerising historical spot. Some activities to do while in Sedona are Hiking, Swimming, Fishing, Biking and Exploring.

Have you RVed in Sedona? If not, plan an RV trip right now! 😀

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