Why Do You Need An Infrared Temperature Gun In Your RV?

One of the biggest challenges of RVing is the temperature fluctuations. With an Infrared Temperature Gun, all that you need to do is point at a surface and wait for a few seconds while taking the digital temperature reading. As it works with laser pointing, the precision is incredible and beneficial!

TechTrixInfo talks about how a temperature gun works

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Why you need a Temperature Gun aboard your RV, according to the crew at Love Your RV?


  • Keeps hands from getting dirty or burned, when checking temperatures.
  • While cooking, check your oven, fry pan, BBQ grill, temperatures;
  • Check mechanical temps of tires, bearings, brakes, radiators, hoses, rear differential, transmission cooler, and so on.
  • Quickly check fridge and freezer temperatures;
  • Heating and Cooling analysis by checking output temperatures on the AC and furnace vents.
  • Checks plumbing pipes and weak insulation areas.

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According to Tireman9, a veteran in IR Guns, to understand why you need these temperature guns aboard your RV is by understanding its fundamental working.

  • The use of a handheld IR gun is not sufficiently accurate as far as measuring the hot spot to use it as a substitute for tire pressure and knowing your actual loads.
  • If I saw a reading like 180F or higher I would take that as a warning that something is seriously wrong and you need to learn why the tire is so hot before moving the RV another foot. You might even want to step away from the tire till it cools down some if you saw an external sidewall temperature approaching 200F as that could be an indication that serious damage has already been done to the tire and there is a possibility of a rupture.

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An important thing to remember while taking the temperature reading on the Infrared Temperature Gun is that it takes the exterior temperature alone. If the issue is critical inside the tire, then the IR Gun reading will not help you determine it.

If you use an IR Gun as an RVer, do share your tips and hacks with us in the comments below.

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