Why I love WINTER Camping | EMPTY RV Parks (Ep. 9 Montreal)

Why I love WINTER Camping | EMPTY RV Parks (Ep. 9 Montreal)
This is why I love WINTER CAMPING . No ones around , its all yours !! I have said it a million times but its my favourite time of year to do some Rving/Truck …

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Taylor Dzaman


  1. Taylor, I've always lived out in the country until about three years ago, when my husband and I moved to Abilene. Love the convenience of being just 7 or 8 minutes from work, but I really miss the wide open spaces, the coyotes howling at night, and the ability to set up targets & practice shooting in our back "yard" … when we move again it will be back to the quiet life!

  2. I went to Montreal for my honeymoon. I live in Maine and we caught the Via railway train in Jackman where moose out number people living there.. Lol That was 30 years ago. Cool experience!

  3. It's interesting to see my city from a tourist perspective. However, I would have just few comments… That's not winter camping, it's end of the season camping, try coming back in January or February if you want to try winter camping! If there's no measurement for the height under a bridge, it's about 14ft, that's true for all North America as far as I know. If/when you'll come back in Quebec, download the Google Translate app to, well, translate the signs. Or ask anyone on the streets, most of us Quebecers speaks english as well. Your Uber drivre that doesn't is a very rare one! lol! À la prochaine!

  4. Montreal is ok…..But give me that quiet cabin on the lake with the birds and the water and the leaves changing with the seasons, and the smell and warmth coming off that crackling wood stove….Oh…Yea!

  5. The fact that the rv park is closing would be a negative reason for me. But it can be awesome in the open parks. That was an interesting history lesson. I didn't know Canada had a prohibition era.

  6. only if i had to to make a lot of money!!!! but no i hate them as well to many peopie!!!!!! i hate traffic!!!! thats why im just a truckdriver!!lol now use those jacks on the windy nights!!!! an u wont shake as much!!!

  7. Hi guys Im from two mountains pq which is about 35 miles from montreal.when I lived in Deux Montagnes it was a really small city,but now it is so large even i would have been living there.also when in montreal you guys should go to Ben;s resturant awesome sandwiches. take care

  8. My maiden voyage was to Assateague National Seashore last week. I was the only one there. Glorious!!!!! No light pollution either. The night sky was awesome.

  9. We're taking our rig out today to the local SoCal mountains for our first time camping in the snow (intentionally, anyways). I saw the title and figured that I had to watch this before we left. Thanks for the inspiration. We ARE living the dream, too!


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