Why is the Torque Wrench a Must-Have Maintenance Tool for RVers?

Depending on whether your rig has drum brakes or disk brakes, the nuts should be periodically tightened. The Torque Wrench provides accurate torque to tighten these nuts and bolts for preventing overtightening and due corrosion. This is crucial as a proper torque also provides for the loading as well as to adjust the tension on the bolts.

Using a torque wrench to keep your nuts screwed also provides for the periodic check of mostly unchecked nuts like that of the hitch, tires and hardware.

Here’s a video on how to use a Torque Wrench for appropriate RV maintenance

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Every RV Owner manual suggests that the wheel lug nuts should be periodically tightened with every 100 miles of travel. Re-torquing is not an option, but mandatory for RVers hoping to keep their motorhome running for long.

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