Why we use Google Maps on our RV Trip Across America

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Why we use Google Maps on our RV Trip Across America
RV Travel requires good directions. After all, making a U-Turn can be tricky or takes miles to find! Many people have asked us what we use for directions and the …

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  1. Great video (another one). In looking through the comments, I'm amazed by 1.) how many wonderful comments and engagement you get and 2.) that you make the time to politely reply to just about every one (including on other vids some pretty rude ones). Great channel and great inspiration!

  2. If you keep Google map running all day, does it eat up a lot of your data gigabytes? Do you guys use a MIFI hot spot for internet service for the kids computers and tablets when your on the road ? If so what plan do you use and what is the cost?

  3. Thanks Mark, I use Google Maps exclusively, but that tip on finding gas stations along the way is something I did not know. You learn something every day.

  4. I think google maps is simply the cheapest and nothing more. I use the Rand Mcnally Good Sam RV GPS and it does everything you mentioned in your video plus its's satellite based and never really looses signal. Real time weather reports, load the specs on your rv and it tells you about low bridges tunnels you can't go in because of propane roads that you should not drive on with an rv14,000+ campgrounds loaded in with total detailed info, thousands of points of interest you can re route to and back to the expressway automatically you can have set up lists and take down lists for the campground you can track fuel and mileage, maintenance, upcoming road construction. Everything that is in the Rand McNally road atlas is in the GPS. If you use the Good Sam trip planner, you can download the trip into your GPS without having to re enter it. I am sure there is more that I am forgetting but I wouldn't leave home without mine.

  5. What about how high your RV is in combine bridges, tunnels and so on? I have a special Navigation bought years ago especially for Truck's and RV's in which I can set my highest point of my RV, weight and width you can also include because I travelled around Europe, but I have seen that New York is like Europe? Can I also set that in Google Maps? If so, I would be over the Moon!

  6. What about how high your RV is in combine bridges, tunnels and so on? I have a special Navigation bought years ago especially for Truck's and RV's in which I can set my highest point of my RV, weight and width you can also include because I travelled around Europe, but I have seen that New York is like Europe? Can I also set that in Google Maps? If so, I would be over the Moon!

  7. If you travel to Canada and Britain, it is better to use Sygic GPS or HERE Maps. They are much better, offer the same conveniences you told us, and don't use any data/mobile internet.
    Google Maps doesn't work as well in Canada, or in UK since the mapping data for most of the country hasn't been updated since 2005.

  8. Another great feature on google maps that saved me on my cross country road trip was being able to download the maps to offline. Losing service on your phone and google maps freaking out when they weren't downloaded and driving through Death Valley national park on a quarter tank of gas was scary.

  9. Good info. I just found ya'll the other week and ya'll have some great videos and useful content. BTW, I've looked, but maybe I've missed it, but what type of bike rack are you using for your truck bed? Looks like it saves space and keeps your total length shorter by not having them hang off the back of the trailer. Thanks,

  10. I got a question. obviously, you have to carry a certain amount of cash because there are still some places won't take debit or credit cards. Comment on that.

  11. I use Google maps all the time but I do have some issues. First, it's kind of goofy about taking you to a place one direction then taking you home from the same location a completely different way?
    It works great keeping on the best route till about the last five miles, then it sticks you on some tiny one lane road way out in the boonies!
    I wish they would update the settings so that you could put in your overall length, height and width and route you accordingly. Some of the other GPS systems are capable of that, too bad Google hasn't as yet.
    But again, I haven't used my Garmin in years as I'm a Google Maps lover!

  12. You didn't really say this, but if there is traffic up ahead on your route Google Maps will either automatically changed your route or have a pop up that will offer a quicker route.

  13. Don't forget to do a vid on Google Maps incredible offline feature(s)! I did 2500 miles in Mexico with no cell service turned on and a map of every curve, every street, every gas station, all right there IN GOOGLE MAPS.

  14. OMG this is a great app to use. It was so help full last year when we drove from SLC to San francisco. We made a stop in Reno and we were able to look for a hotel before getting there. It showed the price, the stars and you could even look for the ones that had free breakfast, which was a huge plus for us since we were traveling with kids. The gas locations saved us when we were coming from Vegas too! The more you use it, the better you can figure out things on it. Also, if you are logged in to your google acct on your computer, and you search for an address, it gets saves on your info and then you can look up the info on your phone too.

  15. You can download map data in advance just in case you don't have a data connection. Remember that google maps can also send you in the WRONG direction so having a map is important to plan routes before. KYD uses maps all the time as they are shown using them in their videos.

  16. Love Google Maps! I’ve used the favorites button for all the places we’ve gone with our RV. There are a lot of red hearts. I also make up other lists for campgrounds, bucket list items, and others. The label feature is also very useful.

  17. THAT. WAS. SOOOOOO. TOTALLY!!! WORTH THE WATCH! THANK YOU!!! We have struggled with trying to figure out that EXACT issue! We drove from Florida to Washington state last year and many times we wanted to know where the next gas station was or more often where the next Starbucks was and ALWAYS it showed the 'next one' BEHIND us!!!!! Ridiculous! Thank you SOOOOOO much! And just to be extra clear, we both own iPhones but downloaded Google maps because NUMEROUS times the iPhone maps program was totally WRONG! So yeah, there's that. Thanks again for another great informational video. Now, if you could only figure out, "How to cure arthritis", I would be REALLY happy! (wink wink).

  18. A HUGE hint is also to use offline maps, that way if you are in a place where data isn't working, your GPS still does!!!! On your phone, click on the three lines in upper left corner, then click on Offline Maps, Select Your Own Map. Zoom into the place you will be over the next few days and hit Download. You Will Not Regret Doing This!!!! Great videos, keep up the great work.

  19. Looks like you need a genuine 'smart phone.' I have a stupid phone. 🙁 It's supposedly a 'smart phone,' but it isn't very smart, and its battery drains if you look at it crosseyed, make one phone call, send one text, or use one of any of the other supposedly available features. It will go from 70% charge to 15% charge in the blink of an eye! I hate it, but I can't afford a 'real' phone; this one is a gov't. freebie, and you get what you pay for: nothing for nothing! 🙁

  20. That all sounds good but what about height clearance for RV routes? Looking to take a long trip and don’t want to hit a bridge :). Thanks in advance guys!!

  21. I love google maps for my regular navigation. Just wondering if there is any concerns with using google maps over a more specific RV GPS Nav app? Somethings I am thinking about would be perhaps better route optimization for big rigs or low overhangs etc? I am going to be starting my first RV trip this spring and just trying to figure out the best app for navigation. Thanks!

  22. Google maps won’t avoid low overpasses which can rip your air conditioning off. Garmin lmt 760 and the newer 770 will let you put in your rv size, height, weight and then it will avoid low clearances or roads to narrow or bridges that can’t carry your weight. Google won’t avoid these obstacles allowing you to get stuck or worse, damage to your rv. But for just traveling in your car or truck without an rv. Google is the tops.


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