Will Smith’s 2 Story RV

Ok, we all love our RV’s…but have you seen Will Smith’s 2 story RV? This is THE most amazing RV that you will see. Talk about having all the space you need! Leave a comment below with what you think.


  1. All you need is a couple of million dollars. You really need an experienced driver with a CDL to head it down the road and to park it.Plus how many RV parks have spaces large enough to park it? It’s really only good for him while he’s on location doing a filming.

  2. I’m speechless! I have a regular ford rv. If I owned something like that, I’d just buy some land and park it! It is beautiful!

  3. The company I work for built the trailer. It in fact has three levels. There is a patio section on the roof as well that has railings around it. Built in Salmon Arm BC!

  4. It looks like a typical RV just more gizmos that can go wrong. I have done a few RV’s for famous people and it is a tenth of the price.

  5. I’ll bet the hipocrite complains about climate change and peoples carbon footprint from the cab of this big rig.


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