Winter Camping, Day 3, Cooking on the Fire, Algonquin Park 2017

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Winter Camping, Day 3, Cooking on the Fire, Algonquin Park 2017
This is a video of my third day of a 5 Day 4 Night Winter Camping Trip, this was my second time ever winter camping and it turn out really well. It was Family Day …

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  1. man…you must have a bottomless pit for a stomach….lol. you will make some woman a good husband….. i like camping in winter as well. no bugs to worry about and the scenery is beautiful. take care……you better get some food in your stomach….take…care

  2. I like bacon and eggs out doors.we used to cooked the bacon and eggs in a hubcap.boiled the water cooking it,make coffee on that hubcap. We had two those ware the days. From time to time I make coffee in a hubcap I bought.good video

  3. Enjoyed the video. Going out just to relax, I get it! No rush, no real plan, just being there. Im jealous. Its been a long time for me. Keep them coming!

  4. What kind of frying pan are you using (or do you have one you could recommend)? I've read that cooking over an open flame/fire with Teflon (non-stick) pans is a no-no because of harmful chemicals that are activated above certain temperatures, so I've been looking into other options. Just wondering what you'd suggest.

  5. I remember geocaching I Algonquin in 2017 and you step just a couple inches off the trail and sink in to your waist. Would live to camp like this in winter but sadly I'm too old for that now…lol

  6. Nature, fire, food, booze, pipe maybe a dog but sure as hell no…nagging….wife ? Your videos help me dream…while I‘m awake…thankyou soooo much! By the way, you have a resemblance to a young Jack Nicholson ☺️ Figures you‘re a film star!

  7. I love camping. I just never get to do it. Love the beer with breakfast. That is sooo me! I'm addicted to watching these videos. They're simply relaxing! Try some Baileys in that hot chocolate some time! zAAh!!

  8. Hello my outdoors friend, you really know how to chow down in the outdoors. I'm really sorry that I missed your dinner invitation, perhaps next time. You had some fine beers with your gourmet meals. I am envious, you really know how to enjoy the outdoors. Take care, be safe and have fun.

  9. Accidentally caught with ur videos.. really like them… Ur just like me.. same things that I carry n eat when m camping in wildernesses… Hopefully someday will catch up with you in Canada and we can go camping mate…


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