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? Winter RV camping can be a lot of fun… as long as you have running water and you don’t freeze in your RV. This video is the Ultimate RV Winter Camping Guide to help you prepare your rig for the cold weather. As we mentioned in video, we quickly learned that moving every 3-4 days in cold weather was fatiguing. The setup & teardown process is longer and often too cold to use our water hose. So we changed our plans and booked 12 days at Tiger Run Resort in Breckenridge, CO. This is an exceptional RV Resort where you can rent or buy your own site minutes from downtown Breckenridge and close to Vail Resorts and all your favorite winter activities.

⏰ Topics covered in this winter camping video:
1:16 Upgrading propane tanks
2:10 Space Heaters
2:30 Using the RV parks electrical panels
3:15 Using the correct extension cord
3:25 Insulating your water hose with heat tape
4:23 Heating your utility closet
4:48 Using a Camco heated hose
5:35 Managing your sewer hose
6:26 Roof top vents covers
6:49 EZ Snap RV Skirt
9:12 Multi-sensor thermometer
9:43 Command strip coat hangers
10:17 Carefree of Colorado Slide Topper
11:00 Sealing open gaps on the rig

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  1. For those that think this is commercial… these are the products we found helpful for camping in the winter. We are not paid from these companies. You CAN winter camp without buying products, but it will not likely resemble a normal RVing experience. i.e. Water turned off or covering the windows is not how we enjoy living in our RV. These products help us live as normal as possible. For those that travel like us and are not appose buying products to make your experience easier, we hope you found this helpful.

  2. Another good tip to keep the water supply from freezing just let the water on the cold side trickle just a little bit inside and that will help. I have been camping in 0 degrees f with no heat tape or anything and never had any problems. Just wanted to give my tip.

  3. going winter camping for the first time and was looking for some winterizing tips and found your video. after about 10 minutes i was a subscriber. great tips i purchased some of the items showcased in the video. i feel i will be a little more prepared and my family will enjoy winter camping a little more so we can do it more often….. not only was the video useful but the comments also where great and useful also…..

  4. Another advantage of the fully threaded 3/8" shaft for the propane tanks is that it can be screwed down past the tongue a few inches and secured with a lock nut so the wing nut does not have to be tightened as far, plus you can drill a hole in the wing nut and the cross bar or regulator mount and use a long shaft pad lock to prevent tank theft.

  5. Great video. My wife and I plan on full timing after I retire in just under a year. I'm wondering about traveling from one location to another in freezing weather. Do you keep heat running with generator or do you winterize when there is a possibility you might drive through freezing weather?

    I just found your YouTube channel and have watched a couple videos. So I apologize if you have done a video on this, I haven't found it yet.

  6. Upgrade to 40lb tanks. They are only like $10 or $20 more than 30lb tanks.

    I dont RV myself, but I do have 40lb tank for my outdoor kitchen (stove, bbq, smoker). I also use 40lb tanks for my Mr Heater big buddy (used for garage heating) and we have a 10kw 50A Duromax dual fuel generator.

    Tractor supply is 15 miles away, so the less I have to go fill up the better.

    I would prefer a big 100lb tank, but oh man is that heavy as shit!

  7. I know you briefly mentioned the heat tape on the hose, but as with another video I saw that did the same thing, when I read the directions on the heat tape it says specifically not to put it directly on the hose?? So I'm wondering what kind of hose you have, I bought the regular drinking water hose in the RV section at walmart. Do you have other suggestions for the hose insulation?

  8. I live in Michigan and we get a ton of lake effect snow and really cold weather due to the Great Lakes in the winter, sometimes we get well below 0 deg f especially with the windchill. Would it be a good idea to use the skirts along with maybe some hay bales behind the skirting?

  9. You two are very professional sounding and acting in front of the camera but I in no way felt this was an info commercial. You just found some products and figures out some tricks that worked for you and want to share it with others. Nothing wrong with that.

  10. i live in a old home and i sleep in to sleeping bags joined to get and then im covered by a bunch of blankets n lite bnktses as well i sleep toasty n warm …. thn when im up i wear miltary cargo pants joggers under pants and wear a t shirt … will any of your heaters run in a house on eletric power normaly…

  11. New sub here also wondering about your pick up truck what motor do you have I just bought a 15 f150 with 3.5 eco boost and 36 gallon tank I pull a 8×17 ice castle fish house RV edition weights about 6k

  12. An oil filled heater in the basement helps alot, and no fire hazards .Also the infer red ( damn spell check )heaters work great and use little power.
    We just parked a 38 foot 5th wheel on our property to live in as we build. So it will be home for a few years and not move. So im digging a trench and installing pvc from the water source to the rig.

  13. Very interesting. However, I think when I get my rig, I'll be a 'snowbird,' and stay to the south or come home to visit family. Where I live in CA, it doesn't snow. In fact, we have a deal with snow: it doesn't come see us, and we don't go see it. Summer and early Fall are my favorite seasons. I can't stand being cold. 😉 Happy travels.

  14. Well, I'm sure u r well aware of the nice temps in Phoenix — u want SNOW? Couple, three hours drive north — Walla!! SNOW!! Couple, three hours drive South again — nice temps 60-70°!! Ah, winter!!??

  15. Hey great Video! Thank you for the cold weather knowledge! Hey so been renovating my house and now still in the trailer. It's getting cold here in Massachusetts at night. 25° or so. It's a 2018 model gulf stream travel trailer and the dealer told me to just plug in a extension cord near the rear axle. What protection does this do I cant find it in the manual. Appreciate any advices!! Thanks!


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