Winter Weather in an RV…Cold!

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Winter Weather in an RV…Cold!
We are going back and forth getting the renters in…milking goats…fixing up the greenhouse…all while living in the RV in heavy rain. This has been a very …

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  1. if you park for winter anywhere or even for just a few days, make sure you skirt your RV for warmth. We're doing year round RV life in Alberta and just got strawbales stacked 2 Bales high (put each bale on a board so it doesn't freeze to the ground making it hard to drive away) around our RV a couple weeks back. Now we have snow on the ground and it makes a huge difference in how warm we are. What also helps is to goto thrift stores and pick up pairs of blankets (for window and door quilts)- 1 wool and 1 polar fleece. Then sew them together with a middle layer of reflective bubble wrap insulation. Then hang them on your curtain rods, also put velcro along the edges to seal them to the window frames. You'll be totally warm all winter then!

  2. When I lived in Florida back in the '90's it did rain daily, but for only about 5 minutes each day.  Then it would stop and be really humid.  Make sure your a/c works.  I went there in mid winter from the northeast and was using my a/c in my car.

  3. Check out my Class c RV I have a bed that drops down from the roof which does not take away from living space. Love your channel thanks for sharing.
    Youtube {jayco conquest maroun sater}.


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