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Check out our Yellowstone wildlife encounters in today’s RV trip through Yellowstone National Park! Spoiler Alert! – A bison approaches our RV We FINALLY …

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  1. We were in Yellowstone this summer and the amount of wildlife we saw was incredible. It was so fun watching your video and reminiscing with all those places that we just were. Thank you for sharing!! I absolutely loved your dinner on top of your RV… best dinner view ever!!

  2. You guys are my all time favorite! My 27 Y/o son and I are about to embark on a several year long adventure with no reservations! We have a new Winnebago 34 ft diesel… you guys are such an inspiration! Thank you!

  3. Rally great footage! Some of your best and most entertaining for us nature lovers. Really would be nice if you opened your vlog with a date stamp so we knew when you were shooting not when you publish.

  4. We tent camped in Yellowstone about 8 years ago (pre-kids) in a campground and hearing the Buffalo walking around your site at night was so awesome and scary at the same time! We love Yellowstone and can’t wait to take the kids there next summer in our 5th wheel (home)!!

  5. That bison footage is awesome, so cool to see him just casually walk by and hang out! We had a bison just walking right down the road while we were driving the park!

  6. This and your previous Yellowstone videos reminded me of some of northern Vietnam and one of my personal favorite places of my similar journey, Da Lat. The vegetation in Da Lat reminded me of the mid west and some of the roads and rivers seen here remind me of the Ho Chi Minh Highway in the north. Did they seem similar to you?

  7. I was in Yellowstone this August on Motorcycles and we were stopped watching the Bison and the male was heerding the females to not let them cross the road. One of the females was able to get on the road and stood in the middle of the road not letting anybody pass. We were very vulnerable on the Motorcycles when the male did not like the female on her own on the road. When the female finally moved just a little into the other lane we navigated through with the male watching us. We were watching to make sure he did not charge us as the motorcycles were a little bit louder than the cars. We made it past. It was exciting to be there. You two are awesome and make great videos.

  8. Love the video! I am planning a trip to YNP for summer 2021. Do you just move from campground to campground every night, or choose one or two as a hub and take RV out everyday? We will also be a motorhome with out a separate vehicle.

  9. I m so excited I found your channel. You two are awesome! We are planning an RV trip to Yellowstone next June. My boyfriend and I will be taking his mom and our two kids. It's on his mom's bucket list. We are going to surprise her! We plan on spending 3 nights at Grant campground. I've had several people tell me to rent a car to get around Yellowstone stone. I'm not buying it. They said it's easier to get around and see the attractions. What's your thoughts on that? We are renting this RV and are not experts in driving one. On another note….where did you get those 🔥 yoga pants???


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